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No-Knock Registry Request Form

  1. Application for No-Knock Registry

    You will receive a confirmation email from civic plus upon registering.  Questions may be addressed to the Borough Clerk's office @ or 201-825-3400 ext. 221

  2. Contact Information
  3. I am the*
  4. No Knock Registry Information

    I am requesting registration of the following address in the Borough of Ramsey for the No Knock Registry:

  5. I understand that my address shall be placed upon a list to be kept by the Borough Clerk. Addresses will remain on the No-Knock Registry until notification to the Borough Clerk that the owner or occupant wishes to be removed. The list will be updated and provided periodically to any licensee who is issued a license to conduct door to door sales pursuant to Ordinance 05-2019 Section 4-7.14 of the Borough of Ramsey.

    I understand that registration upon the "No-Knock Registry" does not prohibit door to door solicitation by non-profit, charitable, religious or political organizations.

  6. Please come to Borough Hall to pick up your No-Knock sticker.  

    Our hours are Monday - Friday 8:30 AM - 4:30PM

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