Ramsey Police Department

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Message from Chief Brian Lyman:

I would like to take this opportunity to express how proud I am to be part of this organization and what a privilege it is to work with the men and women of the Ramsey Police Department. The Ramsey Police Department is committed to providing the very best service possible to our residents and visitors alike. We accomplish this through accountability from our officers and supervisors, as well as, continuous oversight and support from the command staff. We encourage our officers to be problem solvers and to approach all situations with an open mind, an analytical decision-making process and a sense of fairness. We also expect our officers to react with decisiveness and professionalism in order to protect those in need and uphold the rule of law bestowed upon us through our oath of service. We are dedicated to being the officers that are needed in any circumstance, without exception and without fail, and I am honored to represent this department as Chief of Police.

Sign Up for Ramsey's Community Emergency Notifications:Rave

Ramsey’s community emergency notification system is RAVE Mobile Safety.  

Click link to create an account and register: RAVE Mobile Safety Registration

Be assured that any information that you may enter will remain strictly confidential and be utilized by Borough Officials, the Ramsey Police Department and Ramsey OEM to push out important community notifications such as community wide events, changes in municipal schedules, road closures and emergency messages only.

If you have any questions you may call the Ramsey Office of Emergency Management at 201-825-3400 x 280

If you wish to unsubscribe from RAVE alerts, email your request to rventurini@ramseynj.com

Thank you for your participation

Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs Annual Summary Reports

2022 IA Annual Summary Report

2021 IA Annual Summary Report 

Internal Affairs Complaint Form

IA Complaint Form

IA Complaint Form Multiple Languages

2022 Major Discipline Report

Ramsey Police Department  -- Body Worn Camera (BWC)

The Ramsey Police Department utilizes Body Warn Cameras. Below is an example of a Ramsey officer's camera: 

body cam

Prescription Drug Disposal Box dropbox

Bring your unused or expired medications to the Drug Take Back Drop collection box located in the lobby of the Ramsey Police Department. Both prescription and over-the-counter medications are accepted for recycling. Syringes and Epi-pens are not accepted.

Residents are reminded that this safe and convenient drug recycling option is available in the lobby of the Police Headquarters. Your participation in this effort is encouraged to help keep the unused or expired medications from potentially being used in an unsafe or illegal manner. For more information about Project Medicine Drop, and other drop-off locations, click here.

How do I obtain a copy of a motor vehicle crash report?  

  •  Get your police report at CRASHDOCS.ORG Please have your accident date and police report  number handy.  
  •  For all other reports contact RPD at 201-327-2400, press 2 during prompts.

 Can I park my vehicle in the street overnight?

  • Parking on the street, or in the municipal lots (metered, resident commuter or shopper etc) is prohibited between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m.
  • In the event of an overnight guest, disabled vehicle, construction or similar circumstance, permission for an exemption please submit the following information in the Google Form link below. You will need to provide the make, model, color and the exact location where it will be parked. The vehicle must be otherwise legally parked.

How do I obtain a Firearms Permit?

 How do I apply for a Handicapped Placard?

To apply for a temporary handicap placard, please follow the link below for the Temporary Placard Application. Once it’s filled out and signed by your doctor please return in to the RPD Dispatcher during the hours of Monday – Friday 8:30 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  Temporary permits are valid for six months and may be renewed by submitting a new application for an additional six months.  A check made out to NJ MVC in the amount of $4.00 is be dropped off at time of application.

Click here for the Temporary Handicap Placard Application

To apply for a Permanent Handicap Placard Application please download the Handicap Placard Checklist and Permanent Handicap Placard Application and submit it through the DMV.

Click here for the Handicap Placard Checklist Click here for the Permanent Handicap Placard Application

How do I submit an alarm registration?

Ramsey Police Alarm Registration Form l

How do I submit a vacant house request?

Vacant House Check Form