Snow Removal

Each winter the Department of Public Works operates its equipment to remove all of the snow on the borough's streets (including the county's) and sidewalks. The Borough has been cited in the past as being one of the best in New Jersey when it comes to snow removal.

Driveway/Sidewalk Snow Removal Tips

It is suggested that until the final plowing is done on all of the roads do not shovel your sidewalks or the last 4 to 6 feet of your driveway. This will prevent the more heavier/wet snow/ice to be deposited elsewhere. It is also suggested that should you have to go out shovel the snow to the left side (facing your home) of your driveway. This will prevent that snow from being placed back into your driveway.

No Parking on Streets/Highways

Chapter VII, Section 7-7.3 of the borough's Ordinance prohibits the parking on all streets and highways so that the removal of snow can be facilitated.