Ramsey's Finance Department is the center for all financial transactions relating to tax collection, accounts payable, and payroll.  

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) / Treasurer oversees these functions, directs financial activities, and ensures accountability. As required by State law, the CFO is a Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO). This position reports to the Borough Administrator.

Financial reports are used by the Mayor and Council to set the Borough's long-term goals and objectives and to effectively and prudently manage Borough resources. As such, the Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer provides Borough officials with accurate and timely analysis of all financial information. The Chief Financial Officer / Treasurer also maintains custody of all local funds, controls debt management, plans the annual budget, disburses funds, and implements the cash management policy to maximize interest on investments.  

Another key function of the Finance Department is payables. The Accounts Payable Clerk oversees daily processing of all purchase orders, while ensuring all Borough financial policies and procedures are properly followed. Among other things, this includes checking account balances, implementing payments of all approved purchase orders and/or vouchers, generating a monthly bill list, coordinating and synthesizing financial data for the monthly financial reports, and posting checks.  

All utility bills are processed through the Water Department, which also reports to the Chief Financial
Officer.  The monies for all Trust Accounts and/or Developers are maintained by the Finance Department.