How do I pay my bill?
• In Person: Checks/money orders are accepted during regular office hours in the Finance Dept.
• Mail: Checks/money orders can be mailed to Ramsey Board of Public Works, 33 N. Central Ave, Ramsey NJ 07446. Be sure to send your bill stub also and ensure your account # is on the check.
• Drop Box: Checks/money orders can be dropped off during non-working hours through the lock box located to the right of the front doors at Borough Hall.
• Online: You can pay via our secure website: (click on “ONLINE PAYMENTS”) (Third-party service fees will be applied). Have your account # and PIN# ready. This information is printed on your bill.
• Online banking: you can use your own online bank paying system. Please provide your account # on the check for proper crediting.

Make checks payable to RAMSEY BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS

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