Places to Go

  1. Houses of Worship

    Ramsey Borough has several religious denominations from Catholic to Lutheran.

  2. Library

    Check out the Ramsey Free Public Library's website, hours and amenities.

  3. Municipal Pool

    Explore the pool's website and Facebook page and meet personnel and Pool Commission members.

  4. Ramsey Farmers' Market

    Check out the Ramsey Farmers' Market hours, dates and locations.

  5. Recycling Center

    The Department of Public Works (DPW) is responsible for the operation of the Recycling/Convenience Center and Vegetative Compost Facility which is located in the rear of the DPW yard.

  6. Schools

    Check out the Ramsey School District website.

  7. Senior Center

    The senior center, located in Finch Park, has many activities planned on a regular schedule. There are trips, luncheons and special events as well.