Shade Tree Commission


  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 3rd Thursday of each month 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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  • Joseph Melso, Chairman
  • Jay McMahon, Vice-Chairman
  • Terence Beltramini
  • Ken Gubala
  • Russ Martone
  • Stanley Rutkowski
  • Henry Schumacher
Members are appointed by the mayor per Ordinance Number 1249. The Shade Tree Commission shall consist of 7 members and 2 alternates.

2019 Green Thumb Award goes to Burger King!
Green Thumb 2019
Pictured are: Russ Martone (Shade Tree Vice Chairman), Sanjay Patel (Burger King),
Jim Fitzsimmons (Majestic Landscape), Joe Melso ( Shade Tree Chairman),
Dipak Patel (Burger King) and Joseph Holland lII (Majestic Landscape)

Ramsey has been awarded "Tree City USA" for the 23rd time. 

Business Related Responsibilities

The Shade Tree Commission requires that landscaping for commercial property be maintained per the approved landscaping plan. This is per Ordinance #753, included in these requirements is the fact that planting beds must contain mulch of shredded bark or its equivalent at least 3 inches deep. Weeds must be removed. The area is to be kept free of debris. All dead plant material must be replaced per the approved plan, etc. Lawn areas must be reseeded as necessary.

Trees within the borough right-of-way or county right-of-way are the responsibility of the borough as far as trimming is concerned. The borough removes borough trees and the county removes the trees in their right-of-way. Any inquiries regarding any of these trees should be directed to the Shade Tree Commission.

Tree Removal/Landscaping

No more than 6 trees over 4 inches in diameter per year may be removed from any residential or vacant commercial lot. In addition, no landscaping changes can be made to a developed commercial lot without first obtaining Shade Tree Commission approval. 
Shade Tree Application

The Tree Expert and Tree Care Operators Licensing Act requires businesses performing tree care work to register with the New Jersey Board of Tree Experts, and to train their employees in the safe operation of equipment and the maintenance of a safe work area. This law allows the Board to identify and communicate directly to all companies doing tree care work and provide opportunities for worker safety information and materials to be disseminated.  The training requirement will ensure that employees have regular safety instruction and bring about the reduction of injuries and fatalities to tree care workers.  
Check to make sure that the company which is working on your trees is registered.

Reforestation Project

Twenty-five indigenous trees have been planted on the site next to the tennis courts across from the municipal pool on East Oak Street. Three shade trees were also planted along Aspen Place.

Partial funding for this reforestation project came from a Sustainable Jersey grant which was secured through the efforts of George Goudelias of the Ramsey Environmental Commission. Ramsey has a bronze Sustainable Jersey certification.

The goal of the project is protection of the surface and sub-surface of the area which is next to the East Oak Street well house, preventing any contamination of the area by vehicles parked on the site.
Borough representatives at the tennis courts where 25 trees were planted.
Pictured at the site are Borough Administrator Bruce Vozeh, Shade Tree Commission Chairman Jay McMahon, Mayor Deirdre Dillon, Councilman Ken Tyburczy, and Shade Tree Coordinator Harry Smith.