Green Team Advisory Committee


  • Karen Dey
  • Reeva Kymer
  • Patrick Nerney
  • Chance Parker
  • Debra Sahler
  • Harry Smith

This advisory committee shall consist of residents and employees of the Borough of Ramsey.


The Green Team Advisory Committee will advise the mayor and council of the borough on ways to improve municipal operations with "green" initiatives which are economical and environmentally sound through research and evaluation.


The Borough of Ramsey strives to save tax dollars, assure clean air and water, and improve working and living environments to build a community that is sustainable economically and socially. It is a community which will thrive well into the future.

The Borough of Ramsey wishes to build a model of government which benefits now and far into the future with green community initiatives which are easy to replicate and affordable to implement.

In an effort to focus attention on "green" issues, the mayor and council established a Green Team Advisory Committee on October 28, 2009.