Ramsey Municipal Alliance

Upcoming Events:

Vaping: The Trend, The Signs, The Education - Wed, February 19th 2020 Ramsey HS Cafeteria

A program for parents to learn about the latest teen trend… Come join us to hear more, and to also learn some helpful tips to start a conversation with your kids. This program is appropriate for parents of teens, tweens, and all other interested parties. Marijuana will also be discussed.



  • 7:30 p.m.
  • 4th Monday of each month
  • Borough Hall
    33 N Central Avenue
    Ramsey, NJ 07446


  • Sara Fisher Poppe     Coordinator
  • Mike Blasius               Community Member
  • Tami Azouri                 BOH Member
  • Deirdre Dillon             Mayor
  • Roger Knauss            Community Member
  • Caroline Knauss        Community Member
  • Joan Waring               BOH President
  • Kerry Conklin             Community Member
  • Christine Thorp          Community Member
  • Dr. Matthew Murphy   Superintendent of Schools
  • Harry Weber              Council Liaison
  • Sean Beamon          LEAD Officer
  • Peter Kilman            Council President 
  • Chief Gurney           Chief of Police
  • Captain Dave Stitz    Police Captain
  • Sunni Roberts           RHS Student Advisor Counselor
  • Charlene Menshikov Community Member
  • Erika Najera              Community Member
  • Chris Hurley              Student
Members are appointed by the mayor.